Our Mission: Prevention and Early Intervention of Teenage Drug and Alcohol Use and Abuse

Collision Course

Collision Course – Teen Addiction Epidemic Documentary

Teenage Addiction Epidemic

Produced by Emmy-winning producer Joyce Mitchell and director Ted Ross, Collision Course – Teen Addiction Epidemic documentary won a 2012 Emmy Award!

You can watch a nine-minute preview of the documentary here
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Or watch the entire 27-minute documentary here: Watch the 27-minute Collision Course documentary here.


Research shows that teens and their parents underestimate the threat of addiction:

  • More than one in four parents believes that pilfered pharmaceuticals or over-the-counter drugs are safer for their children to ingest than illicit street drugs.
  • Parents are unaware that some prescription drugs – when abused – can become addictive after only a few “experiments.”
  • Parents would be stunned to learn that the average teen swallows or snorts their first pilfered pill at age 13.

The lack of awareness and understanding of the prevalence of substance abuse, coupled with the stigma of addiction, keeps people from talking about this epidemic.  Collision Course – Teen Addiction Epidemic teaches teens and their parents about the prevalence and risks of substance abuse so they can make choices to avoid addiction.  Educated by the honest and stories of drug and alcohol abuse, parents and teens are given tools to stop substance abuse before it starts.

In this documentary, we meet:

  • Young addicts who reveal how they began abusing drugs and alcohol and will share their life stories as they became increasingly trapped by their addiction.
  • Parents who have watched their children’s addiction progress, whose children are in prison, or who have died from drugs or alcohol.
  • Teens who turned away from drugs or chose to stay sober amidst strong peer pressure to drink and use.

Get educated to help keep your family safe.  Watch Collision Course.